Quilling – My experience :)

Hello friends 🙂

For long time I wanted to try one of this beautiful crafting technique – Quilling. Finally I tried  this quilling technique. It’s really pretty and practically easy to make. The vibrant colours of the quilling papers are added benefits. There are so many things I have planned in my mind to do with this quilling, but “First things first”. So I am going to share with you my first experience with quilling.Quilling design

Supplies Requiredsupplies

  • Quilling Needle
  • Quilling paper
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Card Stock

My Method

  1. Draw outline of your favourite design using pencil in the cardstock or any base paper or card where you wish to make your design.(Optional).
  2. Did you notice the shaggy paper next to the quilling, It is the original design I drew long back in my college notebook when the classes were boring. This design came in handy now. Its one of my favourite 🙂DSC08074
  3. Decide colours for each part of your design. Quilling papers comes with many colours and variants, so choices are plenty.
  4. outlineoutline
  5. Next Quilling design has to be chosen. I used two among the basic techniques – Tight scroll and Tea drop. Quilling
  6. The difficult part is fixing the paper along the outline, whereas scroll and tea drops were pretty easy.lines
  7. To create lines you will have to hold the strips using tweezers or quilling needle or your hand itself for atleast 15 secs.
  8. Scrolls can be  made easily. You have to place one end of the quilling strip inside the quilling needle and start rolling it tight and secure the loose end with glue.quilling
  9. To make tea drop make a little loose scroll then pinch one corner of the scroll to make the tea drop shape.
  10. Once all your pieces are ready stick them one by one on your design.
  11. Thats it you are done !
  12. Design is ready 🙂Frame

Frame it ! Hang it ! Admire it ! 🙂 🙂

There are so many things you can make using this quilling technique. Greeting cards, earrings, Gifts, Gift tags etc. I am so excited to try them all 🙂 Will post you with the updates soon 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Quilling – My experience :)

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  6. Dee

    I have a hard time getting it to glue down and stay in the pattern . Can you give me any tips that could help?


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