DIY Paint Chip Desk Calendar

Hello Buddies 🙂

Today’s post is a colourful makeover to your old-to-be-thrown-away desk calendar, its one of my favourite recycle craft 🙂 I have pinned this idea long back and wanted to give it a try. Fortunately I got hold of the supplies handy and it  came out really well 🙂 

Its a FUNREWRITABLECOLOURFULDESKCALENDAR. It will make a cheerful addition to your boring desk.

Desk calendar

Right shall we start the tutorial now ?

Supplies Requiredsupplies

  • Paint chip – Samples
  • Old Desk Calendar
  • Glue
  • OHP sheet
  • White board Marker

My Method:

  1. Take a Old desk Calender
  2. Remove all the old sheets
  3. Get a sample paint chip card from your nearest paint shop.paint chip
  4. Have you seen them those sample cards they will have pretty colours painted in small squares in all possible variationschip
  5. Choose any seven colour series from it
  6. In each colour you will need six variations in it
  7. Cut out the six colour squares a total of (6×7) 42 square bits of colours has to be presentArrange chip
  8. Arrange the squares on the desk calendar [ 6 x 7 matrix format ] and stick them allStick the chips
  9. Cut two rectangular pieces of colour chip and stick it above this matrix format that is for writing the month and year.
  10. Write down the days Sunday , Monday etc on the corresponding squares of the first column.Days
  11. Cut out an OHP sheet in the size of the calendar and attach it on top of the squares.
  12. Write down the dates, month and year on the OHP sheet for the present monthdays
  13. You can write the leave days with a different colour markeron your desk
  14. Thats it Calendar ready ! 🙂 Enjoy the colourful makeover of your old calendar 🙂

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