DIY Recycled Phone Stand

Hello Buddies 🙂

Recently I have been misplacing my cellphone and often end up searching it.Then I thought about this quote “A place for everything, Everything in its place“. So I decided to make a phone stand to keep my phone.Then I will not place it everywhere and loose it. As my trademark I have made this one also as a Recycled-purposeful-attractive phone stand.This time I used a cookie box as my recycle material.Phone Stand

Things required

  • Cookie box
  • Cardboard
  • Handmade paper
  • Glue
  • Your Phone 🙂

Ready ? Shall we move to the tutorial ? OK now follow the pictures you will be more comfortable  than my words

My Method :

1.Cut the cookie box into two halves. You can either separate the pieces or stick it together.
Phone stand steps2.Cut a slant piece impression int the front.
3.Stick cardboard pieces on all the sides as well as the bottom.
4.Cover it with hand made paper
Phone stand steps5.Add a monogram and personalise it 🙂 Neat and cute 🙂Phone StandOne for me and One for my Buddy 🙂

Here are a few variations I made
This one I made for my Parents Wedding Anniversary 🙂DSC09404

This is for me and my Buddy 🙂Phone Stand

This triplet one I made for my sister and her family 🙂phone

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10 thoughts on “DIY Recycled Phone Stand

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  4. judith wysocki

    Very smart! You could really be creative in decorating the outside. Use scrap tiles and mosaic, popsicle sticks and paint or varnish, or use scrap thin wood instead of cardboard, use velvet lining for the inside to ensure no damage to the phone. Finally – drill a hole on the backside and slip your charger through so you can charge it while holding.

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