JOTW – Jewelry Of The Week #5

Hello Buddies 🙂

This week’s Jewelry Of The Week post is ready on time 🙂 Yet another earring made from quilling paper. I have also written a post on quilling tutorial check it out if you are interested. Here we go with the tutorial 🙂JOTW5

Method :

  1. Roll the red colour paper first into a tight circle
  2. Connect black paper at the end and continue rolling
  3. Make two circles with this black red combination
  4. Insert the head pin at the centre of the circle
  5. Bend it from behind and bring it to the top as shown in the picture now insert a white bead to the head pin.JOTW5
  6. Using round nose pliers make a loop and cut off any excess wire using wire cutters.
  7. Connect fish hook ear wire to this loop
  8. Apply varnish on the earring with a small paint brush. This is to make your earring resistant to water. 
  9. Thats it earring ready 🙂JOTW5
  10. Make your own jewelry and adore yourself 🙂

I have also written posts on earring holders if you are interested check them out here and here . And If you missed my previous JOTW tutorials check it here

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2 thoughts on “JOTW – Jewelry Of The Week #5

  1. Selvi


    All ur makings are excellent and easy to make. Nice.
    In ur jewellary making section, could u pls give few step by step snapshots on how to attach the earring into ear hook, head pin, wire cutting, form a loop etc. Also put a pic on tools like wire cutter, nose piler etc jst 2 know how it look like. Pls let me where we can buy the ear hooks in bangalore??


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