Glass Painting Rangoli

Hello Buddies 🙂

This is one colourful and very easy craft for those who love painting and colours 🙂 Rangoli is a must in almost all functions and celebrations in India. Those beautiful colours and designs are the most beautiful decorations. I have tried to do this colourful Rangoli using glass paintings my new try 🙂 If you missed my Glass painting tutorial post check it out here9

These small handy Rangolis can be used in Pooja room floors. A small Diya lamp will be more beautiful on this Glass painting Rangoli. But keep some non conduting material below the diya. OHP sheet might melt on heat. Ok now off to the tutorial.

Supplies required :

  • Glass Paint
  • Glass liner
  • OHP sheet
  • Scissors
  • White chart
  • Glue

My method :

  1. Draw the outline of the Rangoli on the OHP sheet with thin erasable marker. This step can be avoided If you are confident you can directly draw with the glass liner.outline
  2. Now trace the Outline with Black Glass liner on the OHP sheet and you can use 3D Gold glitter to add charm. Include all the small detail designs using the liner.Glass liner outline
  3. Once the tracing with glass liner is completed let it dry for 15 to 20 mins.Completed outline
  4. Now fill the Glass paint colours inside the Rangoli designGlass paint
  5. In glass painting all the colours are bright and beautiful. Selection of colours is purely based on your own choice and creativity 🙂 you can also leave some space blank.Fill colours
  6. After filing all the colours let it dry for atleast half and hour to dry.Completed colours
  7. Now cut the design alone from the OHP sheet. leave a gap of 0.5 cm around the design while cutting it outcutting
  8. Stick this on a white chart with a glue and cut out the chart around the design similarly.
  9. Thats it Rangoli ready 🙂 !Rangoli

Adore your Pooja room with these pretty reusable rangolis. I gifted this to my friend for navrathri. You can also make these and give it as favour gifts in Navrathri Golu functions 🙂 Try different designs of your choice and tell me how you liked it 🙂

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