Funky Junk Jewelry JOTW #10

Hello buddies 🙂

This week I made a Funky earring made out of pure junk. Its made of a completely surprising material 🙂 Guess what ? Pista Shells and old resistors looted from college lab 😉 See how I made thesePista shell jewelry

Supplies Required :

  • Shells of one pista
  • Two resistors
  • Bell pins
  • Ear hooks
  • Pliers and wire cutter

My Method :

  1. Drill a small hole on the pista shell such that a bell pin goes through it
  2. I did this very slowly by hammering on the shell with paper weight as hammer and a small needle as nail
  3. Insert the Bell pin through this hole and bend it as shown in the pictureSteps
  4. Take the resistor. It has wires on both ends favourable for us
  5. Just bend the two wires and form loops on both sides cut off the excess wire.
  6. Now connect this resistor with the pista shell with the help of bell pin and wire loop at one end of the resistor
  7.  Connect Ear hook on the other end of the resistor
  8. Thats it pretty trendy jewelry purely made of Junk is ready.
  9. Wear these unique pair of jewelry and set new trends 🙂Pista shell jewelry

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3 thoughts on “Funky Junk Jewelry JOTW #10

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