A Look Back on 2013

I have started my Blog in 2013 with suggestion of one of my friend Madhu. Before I could realize its almost a year. Steadily my blog has grown and I have learnt a lot.The year has ended and its time to look back. So I decided to review my posts and choose my best and favourite posts of 2013.2013

Following are the short listed ones.

Glass Painting Tutorial : 

The most popular and my favourite post of mine is the glass painting tutorial. It was such a beautiful painting I myself have admired it very much. It was the first time me and my buddy together made a painting and I love it 🙂

Completed Painting

Stenciling on Walls :

More than the art or the post. I loved the experience of making this stencil wall art really it was so much fun :). I painted on real walls for the first time. Thanks to my buddy. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. It was a wonderful experience.

Stencil painting

Newspaper Heart Coaster :

As you all know I love making recycled crafts. I have made so many recycle crafts and the best and my favourite among them is heart tea coaster made out of old newspapers. It was such a simple yet pretty recylcing project.

heart coaster

Favourite Jewelry of the Week – JOTW 4 :

Recently I have got a new interest in making Jewelry. To be specific I made earrings. I started a weekly series of JOTW posts every sunday . I have successfully made 14 earrings and the favourite among them is undoubtedly JOTW 4. But I didn’t make it my buddy made it and gifted it to me 🙂


And thats the end of my list 🙂 Tell me your favourite posts of mine 🙂



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