How to make handmade greeting cards – Creative Ideas

Hello buddies šŸ™‚

As I have already mentioned in my handmade greeting post I like to make a lot of greeting card for all the occasion for my friends and relatives. Recently I made a few festive greeting cards for my buddy and cousins . I Wanted to share them with you šŸ™‚ Here are they. Check it out and tell me which one you like.

Cut and Paste Collage Greeting card : PONGAL

This one I made for Pongal festival to my buddy and my relatives. This was a simple and just in time greeting I made. But it was neat and pretty all of them liked it very much.Pongal greeting

I decided on what all components should be present on the card and cut out the shapes in different coloured cardstock and stuck them. Few things I used water colour painting.punch out

My card had a pot and fire for it then sun and two sugar canes. The pot and the fire components were cut out from cardstocks. I couldn’t cut out the Sugar canes so i painted them with water colour.For the pongal flowing out I used some cotton. Finally Stuck them all in place and wrote the wishes and signed it. Thats it Greeting card ready šŸ™‚collage greeting steps

I made a bunch of it and gave to my relativesTriplet pongal greeting

Beads and Paper Miniature wreath card : CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR

This one I made for Christmas and New year. It was a new try. I made a tiny wreath with crushed paper and beads and two bell shaped cards cut from paint chips.paper wreathNew yeargreeting

Glass Painting Greeting card : DIWALIĀ 

This one I made for diwali for my buddy. It was made with OHP sheet and glass painting. I have written a separate post on this here check it out for the step by step tutorial.cute greetings

Glass Painting and Acrlic paint on OHP sheet Greeting card : BIRTHDAY

Along with glass painting I also tried acrylic paint on OHP sheet and made this pretty greeting for one of my friend’s birthdayBirthday card

Thats all on my list now. Will update you with my new greeting card creations. Which one is your favourite card among these ? Drop a comment.

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Happy crafting


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