Jewelry Of The Week – JOTW#20

Hello Buddies 🙂

I am back after a long time.This week’s earrings is a dangle made from paper beads. Paper beads are made out of magazine paper. There are various different possibilities and shapes of paper beads I have chosen two of them. Ok  lets move to the tutorialpaper bead earring

Supplies required:

  • Old magazine paper
  • Ear hooks
  • Long Head pins
  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • Acrylic Paint colours

Method :

  1. Make two beads of each type as shown in the picturepaper beads
  2. Two beads of 1cm width and two of 1.5 cm width
  3. MIx glue + water in the ratio 2:1 and apply it on top of the beads and allow it to drymagazine beads
  4. Insert each bead in a tooth pick
  5. Dip the 1 cm beads in orange colour acrylic paint and allow it to dry
  6. Dip the 1.5 cm beads in green colour paint and allow it to dry on a foam piece with use of the tooth pickpainted beads
  7. Once it is dry first insert the orange bead into a head pin then a green bead
  8. Then on top of the two beads form a loop and cut the excess wire, this forms the hanging part
  9. Connect the hanging part with the ear hooks. Thats it you are almost done.
  10. Apply varnish on the earring with a small paint brush. This is to make your earring resistant to water.
  11. Thats it pretty paper jewelry ready 🙂
  12. Make your own jewelry and adore yourself 🙂JOTW 20

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