Hello buddies 🙂

Its been long time since I have posted now I am back with one completely useful recycle craft which is useful and fun to make. Its a paper mache project. All of us might have tried many paper mache crafts since its an easy ingredient and recycled one as well.

Everyone might have tried making a bowl or pinata with paper mache. I have also made one of these crafts with paper mache but I wanted to try a different project so I chose lamp shade.Lamp shade

I made a small lamp shade using paper mache and my buddy helped me make a Table lamp out of it. I will show you what we made and how we made it. It was all fun 🙂

Supplies Required :

  • Old Newspapers
  • Mod Podge (Paper mache paste)
  • Old 20 ltr water can
  • 6mm Iron Rod
  • Any jar or vessel in the shape of lamp shape (for mould)

My Method:

  1. Tear newspaper into small pieces.
  2. Take a vessel of desired shape. I took an old mixi Jar.This will serve as mouldmould
  3. Make Paper mache paste -Mix 2:1 ratio flour:water.Mine was not watery but it is better to make it watery.It will be easier to apply
  4. Apply butter on the mould.This will help you remove the paper mache from the mould after d
  5. Dip the newspaper strips in paste and carefully place them on the mould.
  6. Completely cover the mould with one layer of strips.Let it dry for around half hour
  7. Repeat it 3 or 4 times. We need around 4 layers to make it thick enoughthickness
  8. After all the layers are done let it dry overnight
  9. Once dry gently remove it out of the moldDSC00281
  10. Now its time to decorate. I used ad pages from magazines on the outside to make it look colourful. But creativity is yours. Inside i used plain printed pages.DSC00276
  11. Trim the edges with sharp knife and cover the edges also while decorating.
  12. Thats it my part is done. I made the lamp shade.lamp shade
  13. Next part it the table lamp. This was done by my buddy. I will show you how he made it. It was really more creative and more fun than the lamp shade making part. My favourite part is he also used almost recycled materials 🙂
  14. First the lamp head was assembled. My paper mache has opening on both side so we closed one side with a round shaped thermocol/foamthermocol
  15. A light holder was inserted in that thermocol and wires were connected to thatlamp holder
  16. A 6 mm rod was bent as shown in the picture. It was the back bone of the table lamp.Rod bent
  17. We had an old 20 ltr water can and we sliced the top part of it.That part was used as the base for our lamp shade. The 6mm bent rod was inserted inside that and tied with the plastic can with thin copper binding wire.Binded with plastic
  18. The base part was ready.Table lamp base
  19. Then he connected the shade on the top end of the rod, the pointed rod is inserted inside the thermocol. and a small wire was used to bind the shape with the rod on the other edge to fix it in place.shade
  20. Then the connections were made for the light. My buddy added an extra feature plug in the plastic basewire connections
  21. I covered the rod with newspaper and spiral binding spring rod
  22. Thats it pretty handmade and completely recycled table lamp ready 🙂 Thanks to my buddy 🙂 I am excited to place it on my reading table. 🙂 Lamp shade


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