DIY Bookmarks – Water colour paintings

Hello buddies 🙂

Paints and colours always fascinate me from my childhood. Lately I haven’t done any paintings as such this was also not a complete painting. Just tried painting a  few bookmarks last week and this is how it turned out. I liked them all and it turned out that the painting experience made me feel happy 🙂bookmarks

Supplies Required :

  • Cardstock (Thick white card)
  • Water colours
  • Brush
  • Punching machine
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Craft Cutter

My Method:

  1. Just draw a rough design on the cardstockdraw
  2. Start Painting the colourspaintcut out
  3. Trace the outlines with Black gel penDraw outlines
  4. I wrote a nice line on the edgeAdd a line
  5. Punch a hole on the top
  6. Add a small satin ribbon through the wholeAdd ribbons
  7. Thats it Pretty water colour painted bookmarks ready !
  8. These can be lovely gifts ! Make a few and gift your buddies 🙂bookmarks

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