DIY Thanks Giving Greeting cards – Water colour

Hello Buddies 🙂

How do you doing ? Today I am going to share with you the wonderful tiny water colour painted greeting cards I made for my brother and buddy. I am really getting obsessed with water colours they do fascinate me. I like the way they turn out. They are totally unpredictable and that’s the real fun in doing water colour paintings. I guess I will be making more and more of these water colour paintings. So now ready to see my greeting cards ? Here we go !

mushroom greeting card

A card

Supplies required :

  • Water colour ( I used cake colours- I found it less messy than tubes)
  • Paint brushes ( Size 0 and 1)
  • Craft Punches (Optional)
  • Thick cardstock/art board for the greeting card

My Method:

  1. There is really not much to explain as a procedure or method to make these.
  2. Cut the art board of your desired card size.A card
  3. Draw the outline of the design with pencil on the card
  4. Start painting them with the water colours.The combination of colours you use
    are purely your choice Mushroom
  5. Use size 0 or 00 brushes when you want to draw minute details.
  6. Wash the brush thoroughly before using another colour.
  7. And then let your creativity do the rest of the work !Thanks Giving card
  8. I added few flower punches to the edges of the cardPunches
  9. And then I added a Happy Thanks Giving note on the card
  10. My card is ready. Pretty simple and east isn’t it. They are lovely I adore them.
  11. Make your own cards and grab the opportunity to say thanks to your near and dear ones 🙂


A card

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