How to make Homemade Aloe Vera Gel

Hello Buddies,

Aloevera fondly known as “The miracle plant” has zillions of uses, among them skin care is one main use. You can use it for almost all the skin problems like rashes pimples etc.It helps in improving the healing capacity of our skin.I personally recommend it for all your skin problems.Directly using it from the plant is best, but if you wish to spare the mess everyday here is a simple solution you can collect the gel and store it in a jar. So let me tell you how I prepared this less-messy-ready-to-apply aloevera Gel.Aloevera

Supplies Required:

  • One Pulpy aloevera leaf
  • Knife
  • Spoon
  • Blender

My Method:
1. Cut one or two aloe leaf as per your need and availability
2. Place it vertically on a bowl so that the yellow sap drips out. Do this for 15 minsdrip sap3. Now take the leaf and cut both the edges of the leaf to remove thornsRemove thorn4. Remove the top leaf with the knife then the gel will be visible.remove top leaf5. Take a spoon and scratch the gel part outspoon out6. Take all the gel out leaving out only the bottom leaf layer
7. Put it in the blender and grind it becomes watery.

Gel8. Use a filter to take out any un ground pieces.filter9. Pour it in a JarJar10. Label it as Handmade Aloevera GelDSC0923911. The best All-in-one-skin-care solution ready 🙂

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