How to make a Christmas Star

This is one of the million dollar DIY project I wanted to do since my childhood and it turns out it is a very easy project.The christmas star has fascinated me ever since I was a child.Those colourful stars hanging there making fascinating colours in the night the whole christmas season has made me get excited and fascinated.We will be surrounded by many pretty things during christmas stars, gifts, greeting cards, Christmas tree, decorations so many beautiful things.Among them the star itself is my most favourite part

Last year I made the christmas star and a tiny golden star for my crib in the same way and If you remember I even promised an exclusive tutorial for making that glittering golden star of my crib.As I promised here is my tutorial for making a christmas star with chart paper or any paper of your choice.I have done it in tiny size for the crib. You can scale it up and make the big one same way.I have also included a template for making this star. (Tiny one)

You can download the Star Template hereDSC00261

Supplies Required:

  • Chart Paper
  • Scissors
  • Scale
  • Pencil
  • Plastic card

My method :

  1. Print the template in the chart paper or any sheet of your choicetemplateDSC00230
  2. Cut out the template 5 piecesfive pieces
  3. Score along the lines
  4. Fold along the scoring and form the each pieceDSC00239
  5. Connect each pieces together as in the videoDSC00252DSC00256
  6. Connect the last two ends of the pieces
  7. Thats it my pretty tiny Gold star ready !
  8. Same way you can make any christmas star of any size you should scale up the template based on your requirement.
  9. And you can add your creativity to make it more pretty like embleshments punches all possibilities
  10. Lets make our own star this christmas !
  11. Here is the video tutorial I made.Thanks for my brother who helped me making this video.
  12. Hope you enjoy it !

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