How to make handmade Greeting card – New year 2015

Hello Buddies 🙂

Wish you all a wonderful and prosperous Happy New Year. This New year  I have made the biggest bunch of greeting cards for all my friends and family. It made me really happy. I wanted to share with you the cool New Year Greeting card I made. If anyone wanted to make last minute new year gift this tutorial might help you. You will need very little supplies

Its kind of a origami paper folding technique. But don’t worry its the simplest. I have made a clear and simple Video tutorial which is less than 5 mins. So try making your own handmade greeting card. This is much better and personal than a store bought hallmark card. Here is the tutorial for you.

new year

Supplies Required :

  • Origami Paper
  • Card Stock
  • Glue
  • Glitter Pens and Craft Punch (optional)

My Method :

  1. Take a square piece of Origami Paper (I chose RED colour)
  2. Fold the paper into smaller square 1/4th the size of the original square in the same way as shown in the videobunch of cards
  3. Take a card stock of size 1cm bigger than the paper.
  4. Now stick the folded paper on the cardstock
  5. You are almost done.
  6. Now the decoration part.
  7. You can let your creativity play the role.
  8. I traced a Big 2015 on top of the folded paper and added some Rhinestones as charms.outline
  9. Inside I made a few doodles a few craft punches stuck here and there and the New Year wishdoodle design
  10. I also added a tag on the top corner of the card to open it (this was not included in the video)opened card
  11. Thats it pretty New year greeting card ready. You can use it for any occasion you just have to change the decorations little.
  12. Cool and Super easy isn’t it ? I love the surprise part of the message unfolding once you open the card.
  13. Tell me how you liked it also share you hand made new year gifts

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