Handmade Greeting Card – Happy Retirement

My dad was getting retired I didn’t plan any gift At the last moment I decided to give him a simple gift. But I wasn’t inclined to buying a gift that is not my style and It doesn’t give the happiness of handmade gift. So the simplest handmade gift to make at the last moment is a personalised greeting card. I usally add a memorable coto inside every greeting card I make that is the trick. A photo makes is personalised take us back to the memory and make us happy and we will love the card no matter how is it ! 🙂 So now shall we move to the real part of making the handmade greeting card. I used water colours my favourite painting technique added a few embelishments. Made it a little quirky. My dad loved it he was happy to recieve it as gift 🙂

final with wordings

Supplies Required :
• Card Stock
• Decorative floral paper
• Water colour
• Craft Glue
• Black Pen

My method :
1. I chose to make a square card so I Folded a cardstock in the shape of a square card
2. This forms the base of our card
3. Next step is to paint that additional embelishment. Actually I painted that flower pattern as a bookmark then as an after thought I added it as an embellishment in this cardsteps4. Once the water colour design is painted we are ready to assemble the card
5. First I stuck the Floral pattern on the left side of the card
6. Then the water colour emblishment was placed at the joint of the floral pattern and the cradstock overlapping both
7. Next is to cover the left out empty space in the card stock (the right side)
8. I used water colours to fill it up I used aqua blue and pink and blended them in between with wet on wet technique I allowed both colours to merge
9. Then I added a few texture patternss in the pink portion (Have a closer look you will find them ). I was just playing around
10. I added a smaller piece of floral design and card stock on the right side portion to write down the retirement date
11. As a final touch I added a few wordings for happy retirement wishes
12. Voila my pretty simple handmade “HAPPY RETIREMENT” card is ready
13. I made it for my Dad and he loved it ! Inside I wrote a personal wish and stuck a few memorable photos 🙂 Photos are really a pretty addition to any greeting card . Anyone will love to look back on the memorable picturesretirement card

Happy Crafting



2 thoughts on “Handmade Greeting Card – Happy Retirement

  1. Tanisha

    Very nice card!
    i want to show some quilled things to u ( magnets,clock,earings,envelopes) Made by me.


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