DIY Desk organiser

Having a pretty neat table, all my requirements on it A Computer in the middle a pen stand, phone stand, small succulent plant, cute keepsakes tiny photo frame having all this is my favourite wish to top all this I wanted most of them handmade. Since I am used to making handmade gifts to friends and family. I planned to make these things all by myself and I am halfway done

All of a sudden my best buddy gifted me one of this amazing gift a “Handmade Desk organizer”. Since I haven’t received many handmade gifts this one totally amused medesk organiser2

An amazing beautiful piece of art. I was impressed and so much happy and you know what ! Its completely handmade. I wanted to share it with all of you. He has even taken step by step photos ( My craft buddy is so adoringly creative)

Check out the design so beautiful such perfection ( The engineer in him claims for the perfect proportionate design ) so adorable. The choice of colours, the pretty floral pattern added as embellishment he has cut and pasted every piece separately such patience it takes. Such a worthy and most creative gift that made me go to clouds. Here we godesk organiser1

Supplies Required :

  • Card board
  • Chart (Black and Red)
  • Craft Knife
  • White Glue
  • Colour paper (Blue colour)

My Method (Actually his menthod ūüėČ )

  1. The desk organizer has two parts One part is for holding the pens and pencils the other part is multiple purpose, It can hold papers, visiting cards etc I used it for keeping my Phone.
  2. He made this desk organizer part by part. The first part pen holder is my favourite
  3. He has painstakingly cut out hollow squares from the card board (8 Nos)step 1
  4. Stick two squares together forming 4 pieces
  5. Cover these squares with black chart
  6. Then he stuck these at fixed distances on two rectangular pieces of card board (See picture for better understanding)step 2
  7. Other part is the phone stand ( Supposedly thats how I use it )
  8. It has 3 curved pieces. One smaller one and other two bigger onesstep3
  9. Small ones he covered with red coloured chart. Other big parts in black colour (This black part is where I keep my phone)
  10. The bigger parts are stuck with two rectangular pieces on the side
  11. All these parts are stuck on a black base cardboard, Pen stand on the left , Phone stand on left. Other smaller curved part was stuck just before this phone stand on the left side itself. This place I use for keeping Eraser, Sharpner and tiny things like thatstep4
  12. And one more beautiful thing is the tiny Floral embellishment he added on the phone standstep5
  13. And finally he assembled everything in place.
  14. Thats it the amazingly perfect desk organizer ready ! The most adorable and favourite gift I recieved.desk organiser3
  15. Now my gift sits comfortably on my desk.desk organiser

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Happy Crafting



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