Hi welcome to my blog m@debylakshmi”. I have been interested in making stuff from my childhood, crafting and making handmade stuffs and gifts is my hobby-turned-passion. Crafting and making DIY projects is the only thing that keeps me sane and creative. I have started this blog to share and store all my handiworks. Here I will share all my random creations and DIY projects which I manage to do in my free time. Most of the projects will be easy for you to try, because I use reused and low budget supplies to make the crafts but then u will need little patience.

Read on and get inspired ! Do share your comments and reviews 🙂 

If you want to contact me

E-mail : madebylakshmi@gmail.com

Facebook : madebylakshmi

Pinterest : madebylakshmi


15 thoughts on “About

  1. Swati

    Hello, Ur creations are very nice and collective. I have a small doubt, what kind of water proof coating(varnish) r u using for glossy finishing…pls let me kw

  2. sunitha

    hello, i liked your coconut star very much. and its awesome. i been trying to do but failing again and again. please help me to learn. Initial step i am not able to follow. waiting for your reply with details. thank you.

    1. madebylakshmi Post author

      Hi sunitha,
      Thanks. The initial step is little you will get it only on practice. Follow the video its easy you have to create triangles on the leaves alternatively until you complete 5 triangles forming star shape. Overlap the next leaf on the previous triangle and place the next triangle at the edge of the previous one

  3. angela jose

    Hello lakshmi!
    You have a very well established blog and i just stumbled upon it while searching for rangoli designs ( i came across your glass painted rangoli). Im so glad to know someone from india is actually so crafty 🙂

  4. angela jose

    Hello lakshmi!
    Glad to stumble upon your blog. You have a very well established blog and in still diggin your archives to see all your works 🙂 Great to know a fellow blogger like you 🙂



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