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Water colour painting

Watercolours is one of my most favourite painting colours. Every one of us must have used it from our childhood. We have been familiar with those colours but we never could easily predict the outcome :). That’s the interesting part of water colours they behave in their own way.

I haven’t done much of paintings but have done a few greeting cards and bookmarks with water colours. So I decided to do a simple painting with water colours along with my nephew who has come home for school annual holidays. And I have to admit it was lot more fun than we expected and there was more learning for both of us. Here we go with the two paintings we both made.scenary

This one I painted I loved the way the colours merged with each other

flower bunch

This one I helped my nephew to paint he is one creative kid ! What a lovely creation isn’t it. It was fun with him

Happy Painting



Valentines day Gift – Custom Photo Frame

Hello Buddies 🙂

Its valentine season ! Love is in the air. People are busy making creative gifts for their loved ones. I have also made a delicate and beautiful gift using quilling technique. A Photo frame in the heart shape with floral embellishments made using quilling techniques. I wanted to share it with you.It was easy and fun to make and the nice part was the quilling embellishments I made. It completely changed the look of the frameFrame

Supplies Required :

  • Cardboard
  • Handmade Paper
  • Quilling paper (White, Green and Red)
  • Quilling needle
  • White Glue
  • Rhine stones
  • OHP Sheet
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife

My Method :

  1. Take two A4 size cardboard actually I used an old notebooks binding cover since it was thicker than the ordinary cardboard
  2. Draw a heart shape in the middle of one cardboard and cut it outcut out
  3. Now this is the basic for our frame
  4. Take handmade paper and cover the heart cut out cardboard with itstick handmade paper
  5. While sticking the handmade sheet on the top cardboard leave a little extra on all four sides to fold it and stick behind the second cardboard
  6. I loved this peacock blue colour of the handmade paper I used
  7. The inside of the heart shape was like this after sticking the handmade paper on the first cardboardBack side
  8. This forms the top of the frame
  9. Stick an OHP sheet behind the first cardboard
  10. The photo has to be stuck on the second cardboard on appropriate position right below the heart cutout in the first cardboard. You can align it with the first cardboard to place it in proper position
  11. After placing the photo keep the second card board behind the first and stick the excess handmade sheet by folding on all four sidesstick with second card
  12. Now cut out another piece of handmade paper to cover the back side of the frame in exact size of the frame and stick it
  13. The frame part is over the frame is ready now.
  14. Next is the embellishments partFlower
  15. I made three flowers with quilling technique and stuck Rhine stones on the middle of themFlower emblishments
  16. I used three techniques for making the flowers tight circle, eye, leavesQuilled flower
  17. These embellishments were stuck around the heart shape and now the frame has become awesome ! 🙂heart Frame
  18. I love the way it turned out !
  19. Try making frames of your favourite shapes in the same way and do share with me how did you like these

With the photo

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Glass Painting Tutorial

Hello Buddies 🙂

I am back again 🙂  As the title suggests today’s post is a tutorial to make your own glass painting. Are you a person who likes paintings but haven’t tried one or don’t know how to do them ? Then today’s post is for YOU. Yes anyone can make a glass painting. Glass painting is one of the simplest painting method. No need of great painting or drawing skills, a little practice and patience is all you need (Of course you will need supplies ;))Glass painting

You can own a gorgeous glass painting without breaking your wallet and that too a painting made by you isn’t it special ? In this post I will give you a simple step by step tutorial to make glass paintings. Me and my cousin Bro did this painting together it was a nice experience 🙂 This was one of my favourite paintings. Ok Lets move on to the tutorial.

Supplies you will need:

  • Glass for painting ( any size of your choice)
  • A design to be copied
  • Glass paint (Water based)
  • Glass Out-liner.

My Method :

  1. Get a glass of desired size from any glass shop.
  2. Choose a design You can either get a glass painting design book or download designs from internet.You will get loads of designs in the internet.
  3. Re size your design as per your need ( according to the size of your glass )
  4. Clean the glass surface before starting to paint.
  5. Place the glass on top of the design printout so that you can trace the design on the glass.
  6. Now secure the design printout and glass in place on a flat surface using painters tape or cellophane tape.taped picture
  7. Make sure this arrangement doesn’t move or shake until you finish your painting.
  8. Now trace the outlines of the design on the glass using glass outliner. Its like putting mehandi.
  9. Start from the top and proceed to the bottom of the design so that you won’t smudge the lines.Complete the design.
  10. Try to make continuous lines then it will look neat.liner
  11. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes you can wipe it with a cloth, For smaller curves where you can’t use cloth you can wipe with ear buds
  12. Once you complete the design outlining. Allow it to dry for 10 to 15 mins.Complete outline
  13. After the outline is dry you can start filling colours inside the shapes.
  14. You can even mix up the colours or give single colours alone.
  15. When you are mixing colours mix it as soon as you pour it out before it dries.
  16. Avoid double coats. Once the paint is dry It will not mix with other colours.
  17. While pouring the colours avoid bubbles. If suppose you got bubbles break them with a needle or pin.colouring
  18. Use small paint brush to paint smaller areas of the of the design.
  19. Once the design is completed allow it to dry for 30 to 40 mins.Completed Painting
  20. Now reverse the glass and frame it.
  21. You can place crushed silver foil behind the painting as background while framing it.
  22. Frame it ! Hang it ! 🙂 Thats it Gorgeous glass painting ready.  Frame

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CD Wall hanging

The best part of my craft projects are I always tend to reuse waste materials. In today’s project we will use old CD. I have got a lot of old useless CDs lying around in my house. So I planned to use one of them in my project. This one is a very simple project but then it is a little messy and needs a lot of patience.cdwallhanging

 Things you will need:

  •     Old CD
  •     Acrylic paint (colour of your choice – Preferred colour Black)
  •     Paint brush
  •     Cleaned Egg shells
  •     Tooth Pick/needle
  •     ModPodge/Fevicol
  •     Small piece of Satin Ribbon
  •     Embellishment/Small photograph
  •     And a lottt of Patience 🙂things


  1. Take an old CD which is no more used and Paint it completely with Black acrylic paint. Let it dry
  2. Next step is to crush the cleaned egg shells (no don’t powder it). Break it to smaller flakes (No need of hammering your fingers will do)
  3. Prepare the Modpodge. Mix 1 part fevicol with 2 parts water and dilute it.
  4. Now comes the difficult part start applying diluted glue on the painted cd and arrange the egg flakes on by one randomly till you get the mosaic effect.
  5. Use the tooth pick/needle to move around the egg shells. Slowly repeat the process until you cover the whole surface on one side of the CD.
  6. Let it dry. After its dry apply one more coat of glue on top of the egg shells to seal it .This can also be done with Varnish to make it water proof.
  7. Now add any embellishment or small picture at the centre of the CD to hide the hole at the center.
  8. Add a ribbon behind the CD with glue for hanging purpose.
  9. That’s it we are done 🙂  Got a cool Wall hanger!

This is simple project So Do try this and fancy yourself with a cool Wall hanger 🙂


Name Frame

Hurray finally the first Post!! 🙂

Nowadays though every one of us have a camera, when it comes to getting clicked our profile picture all of us will be excited. Everyone likes to display their best Pictures now you can do that in facebook. Still having a hard copy of your framed picture is always special. Now that’s where our project comes into picture. Yes you guessed it right we will make a photo frame as our first project, but with a sweet twist 🙂 .  How about having a unique photo frame for your best picture, that even spells your name!! Ok enough of the ado let’s get our hands dirty. First Things first (Exactly)Name Frame

Things you will need:

  •        Card stock
  •        Scissors
  •        Craft knife
  •        Acrylic paint
  •        Paint Brushes
  •        Transparent OHP sheet
  •        Of course Your best Picture 🙂things


The basic idea is enlarging one letter of your name then fitting your photo inside that. For example the letter “O” will make a pretty frame. But what if “O” is not present in your name, don’t worry if you are creative enough you can fit your photo in any of the letters.Now choose a letter from your name to fit your picture.

  1. First step is “Designing your frame” You can use Photo shop/MS Power point to do this or the hard way is to draw it by hand.I did a minuscule frame for the name “Lakshmi”and I chose the letter “h” for the frame.lakshmi
  2. Print each letter of your name in your desired font and size. Example I used “Cooper Black” font for the letter “L”. This would print to a size of approximately 3 cm. Design your letters with different fonts with different sizes, you can also toggle between CAPS and small letters. The size of the “h” (the picture letter) should be double the size of other fonts.
  3. After printing your letters use it as templates and cut them in the card stock (you can also use old cereal boxes/greeting cards instead of card stock)cutting letters
  4. Arrange the letters overlapping each other. This is up to your creativeness. After arranging link/stick all the letters using glue.
  5. Now you got the overall shape of your Name. Stick the whole thing on a OHP sheet and cut out the outline shape of your name. This would help to hold all the letters together and a protective cover for the photo inside the “h”.
  6. Paste your photo behind “h” cut out the “h” in a thick cardboard and paste it behind your photo. This cardboard will keep your frame upright.
  7. Now our frame is almost done we just have to add a small stand behind the “h” to make our frame stand alone. Fold a thick card 3 cm width and 10 cm length like this “/\” and attach it behind “h” (the picture letter)Frame back side
  8. Now paint and colour your name Decorate it with all your imagination.You can even do   the painting before arranging the letters.


9. Tada !! Your unique handmade Name Frame is ready 🙂

Isn’t it lovely ? This would make a nice birthday gift too. A handmade gift is always special so make one of this and surprise your friend 🙂Name Frame