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DIY Junk Mail craft

Hello Buddies ­čÖé

I made a couple of recycled junk mail crafts which are pretty and purposeful. I wanted to share them with you. I am sure all of us are getting unnecessary junk mails and we didn’t know what to do with them. Always the same snowflakes and Here is a fun way to re-purpose them.Junk Mail craft

Two things I made with them One is a BOX with a Lid and another a small BASKET. Actually I was inspired by this newspaper basket made by Jeffery and wanted to make it based on that I made this tiny Box with junk mail instead of newspapers because Junk mails are colourful as well .I also made a spiral Basket is the same way we make newspaper coasters Like I made the heart coasters. But this one needs more Patience Seriously ! I decided not to make one more of this. But I like them both mainly because they are recycled cute and purposeful !

Supplies You will need :

  • Junk Mails
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Patience (Really!)

How to make it :

  1. I folded the Junk mails into small strips. I actually used two colours of junk mails mainly Blue and whiteBox
  2. I used them alternatively. Prepare of lot of strips Before we actually make the craft
  3. To make the BOX weave the Blue and white strips alternatively for making the baseBox with lid
  4. Once the base is ready Fold the ends vertically and weave the strips on the vertical side to form the walls. Same way I made the Lid as well and small spiral and stuck on top of the lid for handlelid
  5. For complete tutorial check it out here
  6. To make the BASKET same way stick the small strips continuously in round shape.spiral
  7. Once you reach a desired size push in the middle of the spiral to form a basket shape.Basket
  8. Now apply a mixture of fevicol and water mixture in the ratio 1:2 part.
  9. This is for keeping the shape fixed and for little water proof.
  10. Thats it ! Pretty Basket and Box ready Use them to store your tiny treasures ­čÖéclip box
  11. I use them to keep my tiny clips and Pins.

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