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How to draw with a colour pencil

Hello Buddies 🙂

How are you doing its been a loooooooong time I have posted something here. Sorry for leaving my space unattended and keeping you all waiting. I have been held up with some exams and couldn’t post anything here. I almost forgot “Happy Ramzan” to all my Muslim buddies 🙂 Wishes and Apologies done now shall we move on to what I have in store for you. I wasn’t posting anything lately but I have been making few crafts now and then to keep me sane ;). So this week lets start with a lighter and easier post.

Colour Pencil drawing

In school every child might have used a colour pencil. It might have been our fancy to colour every colouring page given by our craft teacher. We get fascinated by the crayons and colour pencils when we were young. As we grew up we moved to better colouring means like paint water colour and many more. We have left behind the colour pencils and thought they were for kids and we think we have out grown it.

Its never a sin to go back to your childhood and relive those happiness. It makes us feeling good. Same way I thought of doing a colour pencil drawing in memory of my childhood colouring books. But this time the colouring was a bit matured :). Its not a bad idea anyway It turned out to be a pretty nice drawing. Let me show you how I made one !

Supplies Required :

  • Card Stock
  • Colour Pencil
  • Ordinary drawing pencil
  • Eraser

My Method :

  1. Since we are grown up now we will draw our own drawing instead of the colouring books
  2. So the first step is to trace the design in a simple pencil outline drawingPencil sketch full
  3. Once the design is complete slightly rub it with eraser It should be seen but not so prominentpencil sketch
  4. Now start colouring with the colour pencils
  5. I used only two colours. SInce mine is a floral design, Green for leaves and Pink for the flowers thats it I meant it to be simple
  6. First Green outline to the stem and leaves draw with little pressuretrace outline green
  7. Then colour the insides of the outline without pressure ever so lightly
  8. Next is the flower I drew the outlines darker and made few places opaque with thick colourTrace outline pink
  9. Then the left out part inside the flower was coloured pink but lighter like we did in the leavesComplete shading
  10. We are almost done.Now I made it a little darker here and there few finishing touches and I am amazed by my pretty drawing myself.Darken it
  11. Really a good drawing with such simple tools
  12. Go grab your set of colour pencils and make your pencil drawings in colour 🙂
  13. Have fun and do share your beautiful drawingsfill shade

Happy drawing 🙂



Water colour painting

Watercolours is one of my most favourite painting colours. Every one of us must have used it from our childhood. We have been familiar with those colours but we never could easily predict the outcome :). That’s the interesting part of water colours they behave in their own way.

I haven’t done much of paintings but have done a few greeting cards and bookmarks with water colours. So I decided to do a simple painting with water colours along with my nephew who has come home for school annual holidays. And I have to admit it was lot more fun than we expected and there was more learning for both of us. Here we go with the two paintings we both made.scenary

This one I painted I loved the way the colours merged with each other

flower bunch

This one I helped my nephew to paint he is one creative kid ! What a lovely creation isn’t it. It was fun with him

Happy Painting


Handmade Bookmarks – Water colour – For kids

Making bookmarks was one of my favourite craft. I have made many different bookmark. I I almost had an obsession for making bookmarks. My buddy got inspired by me and he tried making a few bookmarks using chart paper and water colour. They are for kids, comic book since they look a little kiddish any kid will love to keep it between their comic book pages. The creative idea was making book marks in the shape of objects like bat, feather etc. It looks pretty cute idea isn’t it ? I personally kept all these bookmarks. Here we go a round up on his creativity




Happy Creating


DIY Bookmarks – Water colour paintings

Hello buddies 🙂

Paints and colours always fascinate me from my childhood. Lately I haven’t done any paintings as such this was also not a complete painting. Just tried painting a  few bookmarks last week and this is how it turned out. I liked them all and it turned out that the painting experience made me feel happy 🙂bookmarks

Supplies Required :

  • Cardstock (Thick white card)
  • Water colours
  • Brush
  • Punching machine
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Craft Cutter

My Method:

  1. Just draw a rough design on the cardstockdraw
  2. Start Painting the colourspaintcut out
  3. Trace the outlines with Black gel penDraw outlines
  4. I wrote a nice line on the edgeAdd a line
  5. Punch a hole on the top
  6. Add a small satin ribbon through the wholeAdd ribbons
  7. Thats it Pretty water colour painted bookmarks ready !
  8. These can be lovely gifts ! Make a few and gift your buddies 🙂bookmarks

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Glass painting tutorial II

Hello buddies 🙂

One more tutorial on Glass painting 🙂 If you missed my previous glass painting tutorial check it out here Basic Glass painting tutorial. This time also I have used similar technic but with little variations. Ok lets move straight to the tutorial.Glass painting

Supplies :

  • Glass for painting (any size of your choice)
  • A design to be copied
  • Glass paint (Water based)
  • Glass Out-liner (black)
  • Gold outliner
  • Gold 3D Liner

My Method :

  1. The procedure is same as the previous tutorial.
  2. Place the glass on top of the design printout and secure the design printout and glass in place on a flat surface using painters tape or cellophane tape.Tape
  3. Then trace the outline with black glass outliner.
  4. Additionally for the design I have chosen I used Gold outliner and and 3D Gold glitter for the jewelry and few glitters on the dress part.
  5. 3D glitters are same as glitter powders but they are premixed with glue thats the difference.
  6. You can also sprinkle the glitter powder directly on glass colour when it is wet.The wet paint will act as a glue.
  7. Once the outline tracing and glittering is done let it dry for half and hour.Glass outliner
  8. Once it is dry fill the glass paint on it. All these are almost the same steps I did in my first tutorial.
  9. A new addition this time is I tried applying acrylic colours on glass.acrylic paint
  10. Yes I couldn’t get Skin colour and papaya orange in Glass paint so I tried acrylic colours and It worked 🙂
  11. I told you in my previous tutorial that don’t apply second coat once the paint is dry. But this time I myself tried it because I wanted the dress folds in the design to look darker So I applied second coat along the folding partsDouble coating
  12. It didn’t look good initially But once completed I realised it was actually not a bad idea to give second coats 🙂 From long distance I got the effect I expected 🙂
  13. And once completed filling colours let it dry for 30 to 40 mins
  14. Once dry reverse the glass and Frame it.
  15. This time I didn’t add crushed silver foil behind the design instead I added a simple blue chart. Because I wanted the design to dominate and the glittery details to be seen clearly.Glass painting
  16. Frame it ! Hang it ! 🙂 How do you like it ?

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