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Glass Painting Tutorial

Hello Buddies 🙂

I am back again 🙂  As the title suggests today’s post is a tutorial to make your own glass painting. Are you a person who likes paintings but haven’t tried one or don’t know how to do them ? Then today’s post is for YOU. Yes anyone can make a glass painting. Glass painting is one of the simplest painting method. No need of great painting or drawing skills, a little practice and patience is all you need (Of course you will need supplies ;))Glass painting

You can own a gorgeous glass painting without breaking your wallet and that too a painting made by you isn’t it special ? In this post I will give you a simple step by step tutorial to make glass paintings. Me and my cousin Bro did this painting together it was a nice experience 🙂 This was one of my favourite paintings. Ok Lets move on to the tutorial.

Supplies you will need:

  • Glass for painting ( any size of your choice)
  • A design to be copied
  • Glass paint (Water based)
  • Glass Out-liner.

My Method :

  1. Get a glass of desired size from any glass shop.
  2. Choose a design You can either get a glass painting design book or download designs from internet.You will get loads of designs in the internet.
  3. Re size your design as per your need ( according to the size of your glass )
  4. Clean the glass surface before starting to paint.
  5. Place the glass on top of the design printout so that you can trace the design on the glass.
  6. Now secure the design printout and glass in place on a flat surface using painters tape or cellophane tape.taped picture
  7. Make sure this arrangement doesn’t move or shake until you finish your painting.
  8. Now trace the outlines of the design on the glass using glass outliner. Its like putting mehandi.
  9. Start from the top and proceed to the bottom of the design so that you won’t smudge the lines.Complete the design.
  10. Try to make continuous lines then it will look neat.liner
  11. Don’t worry if you make any mistakes you can wipe it with a cloth, For smaller curves where you can’t use cloth you can wipe with ear buds
  12. Once you complete the design outlining. Allow it to dry for 10 to 15 mins.Complete outline
  13. After the outline is dry you can start filling colours inside the shapes.
  14. You can even mix up the colours or give single colours alone.
  15. When you are mixing colours mix it as soon as you pour it out before it dries.
  16. Avoid double coats. Once the paint is dry It will not mix with other colours.
  17. While pouring the colours avoid bubbles. If suppose you got bubbles break them with a needle or pin.colouring
  18. Use small paint brush to paint smaller areas of the of the design.
  19. Once the design is completed allow it to dry for 30 to 40 mins.Completed Painting
  20. Now reverse the glass and frame it.
  21. You can place crushed silver foil behind the painting as background while framing it.
  22. Frame it ! Hang it ! 🙂 Thats it Gorgeous glass painting ready.  Frame

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