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DIY Christmas crib – Nativity scene

Hello buddies 🙂

Wish you all Merry christmas 🙂 🙂 This christmas season brings in so much of happiness and joy in our lives isn’t it. Its lot more crafty than any other festival season. Everyone tries to make something for christmas or make some christmas gifts. It might be a star or an ornament for the tree or  a simple decoration for christmas. So much creativity and different crafts everywhere. I am so excited to share mine as well. This is the first time I attempted to keep a christmas crib/ nativity scene at my house. I will show you how I made it.nativity scene

Supplies Required :

  • An old cardboard box
  • Dry hay
  • Oil paper
  • Glue scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Set of dolls for the scene

My method :

  1. Main DIY part of my crib was the shed. I had one cardboard box which I cut and altered as a small hut. See the photo below for stepscrib
  2. Once the shape of the hut is ready cover it up with black oil paper. If you got brown paper well and good.
  3. No need to cover the roof top. We have got a plan for it 😉
  4. Once the outer walls and insides of the hut is completely covered we have to cover the roof. I used dry hay for the roof.
  5. Cut the hay into long pieces of almost equal length and stitch it on the roof. Apply glue before stitching so that it has extra holding.crib
  6. Now the shed is ready 🙂
  7. Place all the dolls inside. Cover the Baby Jesus with some cloth and place some hay below the baby as well.dolls
  8. I didn’t get the angel doll so I used up a angel tree ornament and stuck it on the back wall.
  9. And finally the golden star on the top 🙂 It is the favourite part of my crib. I will write a separate post on how I made this star 🙂 For now just the crib 🙂golden star
  10. All decorations done ! 🙂 Thats it my pretty nativity scene ready 🙂crib
  11. I even made a christmas star and Kept a christmas tree 🙂 check it out 🙂star
  12. tree

How is my crib ? Share your thoughts and comments as well as your christmas crafts.

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Merry Christmas 🙂