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DIY – Old light bulb vase

Hello Buddies 🙂

I am back with yet another recycle craft 🙂 This time I am going to use old light bulb . Glass vases are always pretty and charming. Instead of buying expensive glass vases. I thought of making use of the old bulbs as vases. Actually my brother gave me the idea and helped me in the difficult part of the project.light bulb vase

Working with glass is always risky and ends up on accidents. SO BE CAREFUL with it. Ok now off to the tutorial. Here’s how I made it.

Supplies required:

  • Old light bulb.
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Empty Cellophane tape roll
  • Plierslight bulb vaselight bulb vase

My Method:

  1. The most tricky and difficult part of this project is breaking and removing the lighting stuff inside the bulb. We just need empty shell
  2. Thanks to my brother and buddy 🙂 They did this part for me
  3. Safety first remember you are working with glass.
  4. First break this black material in the bulb with sharp scissors by slowly wiggling through it.light bulb vase
  5. Dig your scissors in as deep as you can and gently break the inner part then remove all those technical stuff with pliers and let the excess fall out the opening onto a newspaperInside the bulb
  6. Got the empty bulb ? The most Difficult part is over 🙂light bulb vase
  7. Now remove the two small metal projections that holds the bulb in the holder with the help of pliers.light bulb vase
  8. You will get two holes where the projections were present
  9. Connect a string through these holes to hang the bulb.light bulb vase
  10. Pour some water in it. Get some fresh cut flowers or small water plants and put them in the bulb light bulb vase
  11. I have put money plant. They grow easily in water and requires less care. Don’t believe me ? See for yourself 🙂 This one grew in 8 months time 🙂Money Plant
  12. Find a perfect spot and hang the bulb light bulb vase
  13. In case you don’t find a perfect spot to hang your planter/vase prepare a stand and keep it on your table 🙂light bulb vase
  14. To make the stand take any used cellophane tape roll and place the bulb on it. If you are worried about slipping of bulb, you can better stick it to the bulb.light bulb vase
  15. Beautiful recycled vase ready !! 🙂light bulb vase

Happy Recycling 🙂

  • light bulb vase

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